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African Roots of Jazz
Jazz drummer E.W. Wainwright is a legendary performer, but he spends most of his time using the creativity and discipline of music to help kids and adults alike stay on the right track, through his arts academy, AROJ.



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E.W. Wainwright -- an internationally acclaimed jazz drummer, performing arts consultant, and producer -- has enjoyed an impressive career, represented by his command performance for the U.S. State Department and performances at Carnegie Hall and with Nelson Mandela's USA tour in 1990.

In African Roots of Jazz, Baba Wain (as he is affectionately known) illustrates the social evolution of jazz from its earliest beginnings to the present day, using musical forms of each period combined with movement, oratory, and audience interaction. CURRENTLY PROVIDING DRUM CLASSES EVERY SATURDAY FROM 10:AM TO 12:NOON AT THE ADELINE ART CENTER 1131 24th ST. LOFT#120, OAKLAND, CA 94507 RETAINED AS POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE COACH AT LEARNING WITHOUT LIMITS COLLEGE PREPARATORY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2035 40th ST. OAKLAND, CA 94601

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