African Roots of Jazz
Performing Arts Academy

Pictured here is one of the many leadership training programs called "Spirit Team"
Mayor Willie Brown (center), Professor E.W. Wainwright (left),
21st Century Academy Spirit Team.

African Roots of Jazz Performing Arts Academy honors the cultural heritage/roots of students whose ancestry began on the continent of Africa, as well as exposing students to the origins of many other cultures. Artists and performers of various ethnic backgrounds are an integral component to the academy.

African Roots of Jazz Performing Arts Academy focuses on providing an educational focus for youth. The program addresses many of the criteria as set forth in the California Department of Education’s Cultural Diversity in Literature and Language Arts Content Standards and Performance Criteria -– ", recite, and respond to chants, songs, and poems that are part of the common folklore of their own times and culture... Students study and respect diversity in language use, patterns (such as accent, syntax, vocabulary choices) and varieties of English across cultures, ethnic groups, racial heritages, geographic regions, social roles, and other groupings. Students communicate with others whose lives, cultures, and heritages are the same or different from their own. Students are able to adapt language to purpose."

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